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meet david


Hi, I am David, owner of Populus Personal Training. I have been involved in the health and fitness industry since 2007. I started out as an instructor for Les Mills Bodypump at the local gym, and then got certified as a Les Mills RPM instructor. I really enjoyed working with groups of people who saw the need to take responsibility for their health and well being. Helping groups of people improve their health was great, but in a class setting as an instructor I could only do so much. This motivated me to become certified as a personal trainer. With this certification I have been able to work one on one with individuals and help them reach their specific personal goals. In order to provide more services I also received my certification as a specialist in fitness nutrition. With physical training only being part of the fitness equation, being able to give nutritional guidance allows me to serve clients in a more complete manner.

On a personal level, I am a husband, dad, and runner. I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when I complete a marathon or an ultra marathon, but the real love of running for me is in the training aspect. Preparing for race day over the course of months is a constant reminder that anything worth achieving in life requires focus, discipline, and patience. Going through this training process helps me appreciate the process my clients experience. I understand the challenges intrinsic to striving to reach a long term goal. I would love to use my professional and personal experience to optimize your results. Let's work together on creating a healthier life for you.

our training philosophy

Our philosophy, or mission can be summed up in a single phrase...Everyday Training for Real People.

As a trainer I know that the majority of people I work with do not have plans on become competitive bodybuilders or models on the cover of a fitness magazine. They want to be fit for day to day activities, They want to feelgood about themselves and they want longevity. People realize that if they eat right and exercise the chances of living a long healthy life improve.This allows them to enjoy activities with their family and loved ones even as they get older.

Realizing this, when I decide to train someone I know that training with them not only has an impact one their life, but also on the lives of their family and loved ones. Knowing that this individual has entrusted me with this level of responsibility for their health and well being motivates me to always strive to provide them with at training program that not only gets results but, is safe and practical for their specific needs and fitness level.

Being an effective trainer goes beyond handing over a list of exercises I like and a list of can and can not haves concerning food. Every individual has their own specific circumstances, needs, and obstacles. Only after taking the time to understand the unique situation of a client can I help a person gradually develop the habits that lead them to the long term sustainable results they want and deserve. That is what providing "Everyday Training for Real People" is all about.

If you want to achieve a healthier lifestyle contact me. Let's team up and get you started.



If your goal is weight loss let's team up and get you where you want to be. I will help you gradually develop healthy habits, that lead to lasting results. It's not just about dropping pounds, but getting rid of extra body fat and keeping it off without feeling deprived. If you want to build overall strength we also have you covered. Using a mix of traditional weight training and functional training, improving your fitness level is challenging yet enjoyable. Whatever your goal is we will train to fit your circumstances. It's about having a balanced lifestyle that is sustainable.






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