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Populus Personal Training provides fitness camps that strive to build functional strength for any fitness level. Functional strength is the cornerstone to any program. It's about improving strength and stability for day to day activities. We focus, not on lifting large loads, but on proper movement and balance development. Let's face it, in your day to day life you don't need to be able to deadlift hundreds of pounds, but you want to be able to bend over and pick up your child, grandchild, or those bags of groceries without throwing your back out. Functional training is about having that fitness level that gives you a high quality of life at any age. So give one of our outdoor camps a try.

If you have questions or want to sign up for on of these camps simply call or email me directly.


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upcoming camps

Camp location:

100 N. Dickerson Burgaw N.C.

We have group training 4 times a week. Mondays we have our Zumba-Strong Nation combo Class. This one hour class provides the best of both worlds. A great cardio workout along with a body weight training program. There is definitely something for everyone. Tuesday and Thursday at 5:15 p.m. we have our Spartan Ram workout that leads right into our open group training session. Finally on Saturday at 8:00a.m. we have another open training session. This session allows you to work with the support of a group but with the benefit of a customized workout that fits your needs.  The cost is $5 per class. Or you can purchase a month membership which includes all sessions as well as other benefits.

-Functional Fitness Camp- $5 per class

These functional training camps help you develop mobility, strength and stamina gradually. You go at your own pace as you strengthen your body for everyday activities. The goal is to develop and maintain muscle mass which in turn helps keep off excess body fat without bulking up.

-Basic Online Training- $13 per month

Using the Trainerize app you receive a general workout plan to help you stay active on a regular basis. You’ll be provided with exercise routines that can be done on your own schedule since they are delivered to you on your phone. Videos showing you exactly how each exercise is to be done make it easy to safely execute each movement. You also have access to me, your personal trainer, using the in app messenger.

-One on One Personal Training- $40 per session

Looking for a more customized training experience or want to focus on a specific need?  These 50 minute one on one sessions can help you jump start your healthier lifestyle or simply give you an idea of where you need to focus your efforts most in your training regime. And as always the initial consultation is free.

-Small Group Personal Training- $15 per person per session (3-5 people)

If you have a group of friends with similar goals, this is an option to consider. Much like the one on one training, after a free initial consultation, we can work together to help all in the group reach their specific fitness goals.

-6 Week Hybrid Personal Training Program- $275

This package includes a customized training program designed to fit your specific circumstances and goals. Using the Trainerize app you have access to your plan 24/7 allowing you to train at your convenience. Using a mix of in person one on one sessions, regular body measurement appointments, and in app check ins we can keep you accountable and on track.

-12 Week Hybrid Personal Training Program- $420

This package is simply a longer version of the 6 week program but at an $80 discount. Another perk of this package is for an additional $95 you can add a workout partner to team up with on your fitness journey. Each of you will have your own Trainerize.

                                                        Monthly Membership Program- $45 per month

                                                ($40 per month if 6 months or more are paid in advance)

                                                             ($25 for each additional family member)


Includes the following:

-All Functional Fitness camp classes

-Basic Online Personal Training to supplement camps

-All Nutrition Classes

-50% off specialty classes

-10% off any one on one training program (including $40 single session option)

Purchased separately these services would cost $70. The $45 monthly membership saves you $25 a month. Each additional family member living in your home is eligible for the $25 monthly fee for the same service, which is a $45 savings. And of course if you feel you don’t need all of these services you can still purchase the services you want individually at list price.

Traditional One on One Training

Looking for a more customized training experience or want to focus on a specific need?  These 45 minute one on one sessions can help you jump start your healthier lifestyle or simply give you an idea of where you need to focus your efforts most in your training regime. And as always the initial consultation is free.


Per Session $40

12 Prepaid Sessions $384

18 Prepaid Sessions $504

24 Prepaid Sessions $624

27 Prepaid Sessions $702

36 Prepaid Sessions $792


If you want us to bring the training session to you, we offer customized in-home training with sessions starting as low as $30 each. Let us make training convenient by delivering the workout to your doorstep. 

Hoping everyone enjoyed the workout this
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