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Many workplace wellness programs consist of a 6-8 week weight loss challenge, a group workout once or twice a week, and some general nutritional suggestions for your staff. During the challenge participants may make a lot of changes quickly in hopes of winning the challenge. After the initial challenge is over it may be hard to keep the staff motivated. Populus Personal Training takes a different approach when it comes to wellness for your company. We provide a more individualized approach to workplace fitness.

It's not likely that all of your employees have high blood pressure. Not everyone has a need to lose weight. Some may have a back issue while others may need to build muscle strength in their arms or legs. Your staff is made up of individuals with different skills, interest, and concerns. Just because they work at the same place doesn't mean they have the same fitness needs. A blanket wellness program won't cover everyone's personal fitness needs. Fitness is not a one size fits all type of thing.

The benefits of wellness programs in the workplace have been well documented. Some of those benefits include:

Increased Productivity- Stands to reason that if your staff is living a healthier lifestyle they have fewer days missed due to health issues. Healthy employees also tend to have better focus and more energy while they are at work.

Happier Work Environment- According to the 2012 AFLAC Workforce Report employees involved in a workplace wellness program are more satisfied with their jobs than those who did not participate in such a program.

Builds A Sense Of Community- Having a common connection beyond the job can help employees bond to their fellow workers and to your organization. This bond can help with staff retention while encouraging a culture of unity and good health.

Lower Healthcare Cost- Healthier staff decreases the number of doctor visits, medications, and risk of some health issues. All of this can affect the cost of insurance plans that your company may be paying for.

Attract Fresh Talent- An effective wellness program can differentiate your organization from others when you want to recruit new staff. It becomes clear to a potential employee that you care about the well-being of your staff. Such a program lets them know you are willing to invest in the future of your company. This draws qualified talent to you.


Populus Personal Training focuses on the need of the individual employee. Each participant has direct access to their personal trainer. Each person has a training program that focuses on what they need to gradually develop healthy changes that lead to long lasting habits. Habits that don't stop after a 6-8 week challenge ends. Our goal is to help people achieve a healthier lifestyle by building on sustainable habits that become a way of life. This yields long term benefits that impacts them and your company.

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Each participant has their own training app on their smartphone. This allows them to train on their own schedule. But this flexibility doesn't mean there is a lack of community and accountability. Even though each person has their own training app, everyone is connected as a group within the app. This allows your staff to cheer each other on, share accomplishments, and even develop a little friendly competition. Their personal trainer will also be tracking each staff member's progress through the app. This allows participants to receive individualized coaching regarding their training and nutrition plan.

If you feel your organization could benefit from your staff living a healthier lifestyle contact us. Populus Personal Training can customize a workplace wellness program that fits your company's specific needs. We can setup a plan that can fit your budget while yielding maximum benefits for you and your staff.

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